jules petru fricker

performance artist* CH/RO

jules petru fricker, also known under their alter ego LEGZ, presented their solo-debut “between” end of the year 2021 at Ballhaus Ost Berlin. They obtained the 2 year masters program at the roaming academy of the dutch art institute until 2020. in their practice rooted in the drag subculture they investigate the interconnectedness of queer subjects and how they navigate through performances of longing that open up queer horizons of the “not yet here” striving for worlds full of hope and possibilities. Their thesis queer longing: performances of deviant lifeworlds aims to detect the “cracks” in the hetero- and homonormative present as a critique of the present that aims to foster a queer world-making.

deeply rooted in the practice of the dancing rituals from the queer club subculture and their motley crew LEGZ evokes in their otherworldly performances queer islands of longing blurring the boundaries between human body and machines. Their self-proclaimed alien cyborg aesthetics takes a political stance on the alienation of queer non-binary bodies and their daily struggle in a heteronormative society.

 julian.fricker(at)gmail.com

 s. dipi (ballhaus ost),t. hauge (a.fearnley)